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Art.nr: CHA-000H

Ventet inn 05/10/2020.

2.095,- ink.mva

Grubs CHAINAMIC 5.0er verdens første Neopren verne-gummistøvel med sagvern

LEVEL 3 28 m/s.


Leveringsklar ca. 25. Oktober 2020

100% metallfri.

Den metallfrie tåkappen CERAMIC SAFETY TOE og spikertrampbeskyttel-

sen DEFENDERleder ingen kulde. Slik som stål og aluminium gjør.

5MM INSUFOAM-ULTRAneopren med 4mm rågummibeskyttelse.

6mm NITROCELLinnlegsåle - gir dempende og meget god isolerende effekt.

TREDZ(DURAPRENE™rubber) rågummiyttersåle - gir ekstremt høy sklisikkerhet på de

fleste underlag. Sålen er oljebestandig.

Varenummer: CHA-000H

Farge: Sort/Oransje

Sertifisering: EN ISO 17249:2013 SB P E FO SRC

EN ISO 17249: 2013 Level 3- 28 m/s

Komforttemperatur: -20ºC til +20ºC

Størrelse: 39-48 (Dobbeltstørrelse 39/40 og 44/45)

Vekt Halvpar: STR. 42, 1684g

Høyde: STR 42, 41 cm



At GRUBS® our mission is to identify and bring to market products that make outdoor sports more enjoyable.

Our tradition guides us in our mission to provide you with the best gear available. We stand out by being an innovator of products that represent new levels of comfort and practicality. We are connected to our history and its timeless traditions, but our focus is on making products that will endure into the future. To keep us on the cutting edge we create revolutionary designs that make our competition obsolete. We continue to go beyond the expected to create the most functional, yet elegant products available, so that they become the benchmark by which others are measured.

Our History


Eight generations of our family have been crafting the finest sports footwear since 1776.

Joe Foster, my Great Grandfather, was a founding member of AAA, hand making shoes for the Olympic stars of 1924; Harold Abrams and Eric Liddell, featured in ‘Chariots of Fire’.

My Father and Uncle founded Reebok in 1960 and I was part of the team that created the iconic aerobic and fitness shoes that the company is renowned for. 

My wife, Jan and I created the neoprene revolution in sports and agricultural boots back in 2000.

At Grubs® our tradition guides us to provide you with the most comfortable performance footwear available today.

David Foster, Grubs®